Print Efficiently & Eco-Friendly

Attend the upcoming Webinar&DEMO and learn how to boost your production due to EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing). Learn what it takes to implement the EGP in your daily production. Watch the job set-up DEMO and understand all press modifications needed for successful EGP printing.

  • November 2, 2021 Date
  • 09:00 CET & 17:00 CET Time


01 DEMO - plate mounting + printing (15 min)
02 Successful EGP Case Study, MARVACO (5 min)
03 Complete EGP Solution, XSYS (5 min)
04 Sustainable Printing, Flint Group Packaging Inks (5 min)
05 Questions & Answers


We will print 1 demanding EGP design. You will see all what it takes from plate mounting to efficiently setting the job into print.

Printed Design


This design has originally 25 SPOT colors. It has been converted to 6‑color EGP, CMYKO + white, 60 lpcm (152 lpi) high quality print.


Logo Marvaco
Logo Flint Group
Logo Express
Logo Sandon
Logo Rossini