15 May 2019, Lanskroun, Czech Republic

Great success at Soma Flexo Challenges Conference 2019 

Czech Republic based SOMA hosted the 6 th Flexo Challenges Conference at the SOMA Globe, Training and Technology Centre in Lanskroun, Czech Republic.

150 representatives from the flexographic printing industry travelled from around the world to view the latest flexographic printing technologies and hear about developing trends in green Print & Packaging and solutions for Circular Economy.

The conference provided an opportunity for networking and debate with speakers consisting of leading figures in the industry showcasing interesting case studies and providing smart solutions for printers.

SOMA introduced latest innovation such as the second generation of ink saving Cartridge II system, a new efficient way for water based ink wash-up INK STORM 2.0 WB. A demo contained a live change-over by ARUN automated register and impression setting system as well as top speed print of problematic design achieved
by Advanced Bounce Control.

The conference speeches, which related to the hot topic of the circular economy, started with a keynote speech on Printing Presses for Environmental Printing.

Five examples of green packaging were discussed and performed live during demos on Optima and Optima2 printing presses.

The first design demonstrated on an Optima press was printed with fully compostable ink on compostable transparent cellulose substrate. The second design was printed on transparent EVOH barrier film for fully recyclable monostructure packaging.

The Soma Flex Optima2 produced a ‘bouncing challenge’ job, showcasing the press print stability and its Advanced Bounce Control – water based, four colour design, printed on a coated paper.

The OATIS brand co-printing from Marvaco and Real Snacks Company was printed on Optima2 to demonstrate the eco-efficiency of the Marvaco EGP™ (Expanded Gamut Printing). This design showcases high quality water based, Expanded Gamut print on a paper.

SOMA also demonstrated one of the latest innovations in pre-press technology called UTOPIA developed by Print Quest Graphics Ltd, UK. The main advantages of this technology are excellent colour management, top print quality and less impact on the environment by using 25% less ink on the CMY compared to standard NX
and less energy used for drying.

SOMA flexographic printing press Optima2 dramatically enhances print quality, make-ready times, and running costs and therefore reduces ecological impact. SOMA systematically focuses on the development of sustainable technologies, such as a water based ink system and a reduction in make ready time and waste. More developments will be presented at K SHOW 2019 where SOMA will showcase the Optima press with its latest innovation.

Petr Blasko (left) from SOMA and Kai Lankinen from Marvaco with OATIS design

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Petra Maresova


Petra Maresova, PR Manager