Забота о клиентах

Продажа - это начало наших отношений с вами. Наша сервисная команда стремится к постоянной поддержке в течение всего срока службы продукта. Мы предоставляем следующее:

  • Проверка объекта перед установкой
  • Установка под ключ
  • Запасные части
  • Удаленная диагностика
  • Локальные сервисные центры
  • Сервисные контракты и планы технического обслуживания

Service hotline and regional supports

Intelligent Service

The web-based Intelligent Service platform is a comprehensive cloud solution that offers a quick problem-solving communications channel for every SOMA customer. It is made possible using SOMA S-Cloud technology.

In case of a specific press issue, a service request is delivered to SOMA’s service team using the SOMA S-Chat—a very useful chat-type of communication. The SOMA Intelligent Service also allows a number of files, pictures and videos to be shared from any S-Cloud connected device.


A very convenient chat-type of communication that includes files, pictures, and videos—easily accessed from any S-Cloud-connected device.

Remote diagnostics

In case of an emergency, remote diagnostics are conducted via a secure VPN connection.

Data sharing

The SOMA S-Cloud contains a lot of helpful information, such as equipment manuals, instructional videos, a list of spare parts and retrofits, and service programs available.

SOMA Glasses

Enhance your efficiency with our service glasses, enabling real-time expert connections. Experience seamless remote assistance as SOMA experts troubleshoot and guide you, seeing exactly what you see.


SOMA Care - is new service program designed to provide customers comprehensive maintenance. There are several programs offering increasing service, adding unlimited remote diagnostics, 24/7 hotline, covered preventive maintenance visits, and services rate discounts, as programs progress from silver to platinum. A la cart service is still offered, but at less cost-efficient basic rates.