30 Years of Evolution

SOMA credits success to the combination of exceptional product engineering and manufacturing, with passionate attention to customers.

SOMA celebrated its 30-year anniversary recently during a gala dinner at its headquarters and new production facilities in Lanskroun, Czech Republic. SOMA was founded in 1992 by Mr. Ladislav Verner, CEO, who today leads a team that includes his son, technical director Jan Verner, and daughter, commercial director Pavla Kusa.

SOMA has a rich history, solid production expertise, and unique know-how resulting in its long-term success. SOMA has focused on packaging—a result of building products that combine the best of Czech engineering with superior components, along with perfect workmanship. All products are manufactured and assembled in-house, enabling the company to oversee all aspects of production and quality control. SOMA is also heavily involved in producing all the critical parts that are key to press quality. In this unique way, they maintain tight control over all its products.

Like its product range, the firm possesses a unique legacy, having helped its loyal team of employees navigate through the past three decades of a free market economy. Some on the SOMA team say this has helped them excel at life-changing experiences—and that drive and commitment are in their DNA. Its history is extraordinary. The land upon which SOMA sits housed a textile factory from 1890-1948. From 1956-1992, the facility was a division of TESLA, a division of state owned company which produced various parts and machines for the electronic industry. In 1992, SOMA was founded, with an initial focus on special purpose machines. In 1995, the successful development of the SOMA Flex CI flexographic printing press opened SOMA’s path to serve fast-growing flexible packaging companies.

The company ranks among the leading international producers of CI flexo press technology. To meet demand, SOMA has begun efforts to nearly double production capacity. Completion of its first phase of construction was recently announced. Among many other achievements, the company has demonstrated its innovative thinking with the development of its next-generation Optima flexo presses in 2019, and a 2022 FTA Technical Innovation Award.

“SOMA has always considered our heritage as a family-owned organization, with an extraordinary team, extremely advantageous. Our approach is much more focused on the individuality of each of our customers, and our key value is that we really pay attention each of them and listen to their specific needs,” explains Pavla Kusa, SOMA Commercial Director. “We see our role as putting printers in a better position to deliver exceptional packaging for their customers. We believe in being there for our customers, to give them a competitive edge over their competitors and helping them to win orders. Our motto, ‘There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction’, resonates throughout our company. We believe in a world where hard work pays off.”

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