R&D Centre

Project SOMA Research and Development Center is co-funded by the European Union

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Soma Research and Development Centre operates in three areas of activity:

  1. R & D in flexoprinting technology and its quality
  2. R & D in machine engineering
  3. R & D in the field of engineering and prototype production of machines

We have the following equipment and instruments:

  • Siemens Vibration Analyzer
  • Matlab SW for scientific and technical calculations
  • SIMULINK SW for simulation and modeling
  • Measuring card for recording of measurement data National Instruments anological measurements, measurement with temperature sensors.
  • FLUKE 123B, 20MHz Oscilloscope
  • FLUKE Ti300 Thermal Camera
  • ValueMaster Force and Torgue meter 20Nm, 3000ot / min
  • Set of gauges for measuring dimensions, especially cavities - 0-100mm, gaps and pressures between rollers, coating thickness
  • Measurement equipment of roughness Ra, Rz
  • Equipment for hardness measurement of HRC, HV, HB metals and Shore A, D elastomers
  • Kern analytical scales, max 220g, 0.1mg resolution
  • Venticel sample oven 30 ° -90 ° C, 50 liters
  • Dino-Lite HR Digital USB Microscope
  • Microscope for print quality inspection with BetaColor color filters
  • TESTO multifunction measuring instrument of physical quantities (temperature, pressure, flow, etc.)
  • ANICAM laser scanning 3D microscope not only for anilox sleeves
  • Leveling device for machine frames positioning and measuring of geometric quantities
  • FLUKE 820 stroboscope for inspection of rotary processes

Soma Research and Development Centre is capable to meet your requirements on measurement services and testing with above mentioned equipment.

We cope on inquiry to offer principle. Eventual inquiries and consultations please address to email: cpvv@soma.cz