15 February 2019, Lanskroun, Czech Republic

SOMA offers operating details of its Optima2 10 COL ten-color flexo press

In a world challenged with short-run jobs, the features allow operators to run the 10-color press as efficiently as other smaller presses.

Lanskroun, Czech Republic; October 18, 2018— Short runs are challenging for all sizes of printing presses, as it means many changeovers during a shift. With the size of the CI drum, and therefore the height of the printing unit of a 10-color press, it is vital to minimize changeover times to increase efficiencies, therefore reducing costs. Czech Republic-based SOMA, producer of flexographic printing presses, slitter rewinders and laminators reveals the features behind the efficiency and print quality of its 10-color Optima2 10 COL press, especially when undertaking short print runs on a larger machine.

The Optima2 Press is the culmination of the latest advances in flexo press technology and design. Optima2 presses are fitted with an Advanced Bounce Control System, decks with print and anilox cylinders are designed with emphasis on rigidity, precision and reliability. The press can reliably and consistently hold highlight dots with perfect registration. This is particularly important as it helps to maintain job consistency at high press speeds—particularly when using HD plates. It can also assure that the press can hold.

SOMA’s 10 COL Optima2 Press was designed not only with the latest press technology, but also based on ergonomics—namely, how to reduce the number of required steps between print jobs by making access to the press it as easy as possible for the operator. The press features a hydraulic smart platform, which automatically lifts the operator and sleeves, to allow easy access to the top doctor blade chambers. All operating panels (printing press, web view camera and 100% camera) are located on a movable wall close to the print inspection area. In addition, the operator has easy access to the drying heads, ventilators and cabinets via safety stairways. Built-in cabinets are located close to the point of operation. In addition, all Optima2 presses are delivered with the ARUN system to automatically set the impression and register with almost no manual intervention. This enables jobs to get up to speed faster and with no setup waste. All these design features make the operator’s role quick and easy, significantly reducing changeover and makeready times.

A unique press ink cartridge system is especially efficient, reducing ink volumes and residual waste. This allows printers to stay competitive by maintaining profit margins.

“All the technology and design aspects make the SOMA 10 COL Optima2 press one of the most advanced in the market,” explains Petr Blasko, Marketing Manager of SOMA. For companies concerned about increasing output and reducing wastage and unnecessary time—particularly with those shorter run jobs—it’s an investment which can significantly change the success of a flexo printing company.

Optima2 10 COL

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