Intelligent Printing Unit

Is an efficient printing solution (upstream&downstream unit) designed for production of sustainable packaging or packaging with added value (barrier or functional coatings, including heat / cold seal).

The IPU is designed to integrate seamlessly (as upstream&downstream unit) with the SOMA Optima², a state-of-the-art CI flexo printing press. This integration allows for single-pass operations, dramatically increasing the efficiency of package print production. The IPU is available with one or two flexo printing decks in upstream or downstream configurations—or with a gravure unit—offering unparalleled flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Offering a variety of IPU configurations, IPUs can apply various barrier or functional coatings, including heat/cold seal coatings. IPU is available in the following configurations with Optima presses:

  • 90° Flexo IPU Most popular
  • In-Line Flexo IPU
  • In-Line Gravure IPU
  • Or as Flexo IPU in combination with Lamiflex solvent-less laminator

90° Flexo IPU

The 90° Flexo IPU from SOMA is a top-selling innovation, favored for a versatile design that allows operation either upstream or downstream, adapting effortlessly to various production workflows. Its space-saving orientation is a key advantage, especially in facilities where floor space is at a premium, offering a compact yet powerful solution for applications requiring additional print, heavy coatings, varnishes, heat seals, and more.

Barrier Coatings in Frozen Food Packaging

A standout application of the IPU is in the realm of frozen food packaging. Here, the IPU excels by applying a barrier coating directly onto the paper substrate. This innovative method offers a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging, by eliminating the need for additional plastic layers, thus facilitating recycling and reducing plastic waste.

Heat Seal Application with Flexo IPU

The IPU in its two flexo printing decks configuration stands as a testament to innovation in packaging technology. This advanced arrangement is capable of applying a sufficient layer of coating to create an effective heat seal, an essential feature for countless packaging applications. This ability ensures that products are securely wrapped, preserving freshness and extending shelf life.

Cold Seal Application by Gravure IPU

The gravure configuration of SOMA's IPU excels in producing high-quality chocolate packaging, applying cold seal layers with precision. This specialized setup ensures a secure seal that protects the chocolate’s flavor and quality while also providing the ease of opening that consumers value.

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IPU – Intelligent Printing Unit

Intelligent Printing Unit is sustainable and efficient printing solution

Designed for production of sustainable packaging or packaging with added value (barrier or functional coatings, including heat / cold seal)