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Venus III.2

VENUS III.2 is top of the range, high performance slitter, that offers converters maximum efficiency in slitting.

  • 1350/1600/(1850) mm Web width
  • 850 m/min Speed
  • 850/(650) mm Max. rewind diameter
  • 40/25 mm option Min. slit width

Processed materials: PET, PE, LDPE, HDPE, paper, laminate and more

1st of 3 customer benefits

Improve your efficiency

Efficiency and productivity is the key for success. VENUS III.2 is equipped with following features increasing efficiency.

Automatic knife/blade positioning

ensures quick and precise knife setting.

Automatic laser core guiding

enables precise and very quick core setting for new jobs. The system uses data from the automatic knife positioning system.

Shaft-less unwinding

Shaft-less hydraulic tilting arms ensure easy parent roll handling.

Splicing table

A vacuum splicing table with two pneumatic holders and back-light desk enables easy and precise web splicing.

Unloading mechanism

delivers the finished slit rolls to a rotary stand. The stand rotates in a horizontal or vertical direction.

Recipe system

different working parameters are stored in the memory such as speed, tension, lay-on pressure, knife / blade setting and laser core guiding position information

Automatic cross slitting

cuts the web of the slit rolls during job changeover.

Strip holders

automatically hold the web in place and maintain the tension in slit strips during job changeover.

2nd of 3 customer benefits

Be sure you slit with the best quality

The following features ensure perfect slit quality even when slitting very difficult substrates

Slitting techniques

A variable knife shaft permits tangential slitting with lower and upper rotary knives or with razor blades against grooved segment. For more difficult thin substrates it is possible to choose wrap around female knife slitting with rotary knives or with razor blades. It is also possible to combine rotary knives slitting and edge trimming via special additional razor blades.

Innovated Tenzomat III.2

The Tenzomat III.2 tension control system enables precise unwind and rewind tension control during the whole operating cycle in a closed loop and therefore slit very thin and difficult substrates. It offers two modes:
A) Tension Preference - where Tenzomat III.2 automatically adjusts the speed to reach the highest possible tension or B) Max. Speed Preference - where Tenzomat III.2 automatically limits the tension in order to reach desired speed.

Special Applications

  • minimum gap winding for pressure-sensitive materials
  • torque rewinding shafts
  • solution for slitting of thin diaper materials - active separate lay-on rollers

Minimum gap winding

This rewinding technique is used to eliminate pressure of the lay-on rollers to the slit rolls. This type of rewinding is usually used for processing materials such as pressure sensitive, self adhesive, cold seal and special structures.

Torque rewinding

Torque rewinding with pneumatic expanding shafts is an alternative solution to friction ring rewinding and may be used for very narrow slit rolls of paper, when higher tension is needed.

Servo drives

The system includes 3 servo motors and optionally 4 servo motors. First motor drives main drive roller, lay-on rollers, knife shafts and banana roller. An unwind AC servo motor in combination with a dance roller control tension of parent roll. The third (and optional the fourth) AC servomotor drives both rewind shafts.

Banana roller

An adjustable angle, driven banana roller with hard grooved segments is positioned before the lower knife shaft.

Eccentric roller

An adjustable angle eccentric roller ensures web laying on the lower knife shaft during slitting of wrinkled material.

Angle adjustable roller

An adjustable guiding roller laterally balances the web and contributes to higher quality output during slitting from conical or low quality parent rolls.

Lay-on rollers

Lay-on rubber rollers on tilting arms are fixed on a rod with spring-loaded segments ensuring perfect contact between lay-on roller and finished reel.

3rd of 3 customer benefits

Operate with comfort and safety

Following features ensure that slitter operation is simple, intuitive and safe.

Overhead web path

design suitable for pharmaceutical and food packaging where stringent hygiene and clean room standards are in force.

Intuitive control

Several panels help to operate the machine: 2 touch screen panels for rewinding and slitting, one panel in unwind section with portable control panel for parent roll loading.

CE standards

Machines comply with and meet stringent European safety standards and codes.

Safety features

Machines are designed with maximum emphasis on operator safety. All rotating elements in the slitting section are secured by safety covers and are inaccessible to the operator during the operating cycle. The rewind area is secured by a laser scanner.

Special applications

We modify slitters based on the specific needs for various applications - such as diaper membrane or perforated film for food packaging.

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Venus III.2

VENUS III.2 is top of the range, high performance slitter, that offers converters maximum efficiency in slitting.

Web width 1350/1600/(1850) mm
Speed 850 m/min
Max. rewind diameter 850/(650) mm
Min slit width 40/25 mm option
Unwind roll diameter 1300/1500 mm
Unwind roll weight 1500/2000 kg
Processed materials PET, PE, LDPE, HDPE, paper, laminate and more