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OPTIMA is start-up press, small press in terms of width and repeat, easy to operate.

  • printing decks
  • 620/880/1050 mm print width
  • 240/260/330-650 mm repeat
  • 350 m/min speed

Processed materials: LD PE, HD PE/PP, CPP, BOPP, PET, OPA, paper, laminate and more

Optima’s unique selling points

  • ARUN

    Sets register and impression producing zero meters setup waste.

  • Bounce Control

    Reaches top speeds with absolute print stability.

  • Ink Cartridge

    Reduces ink costs by minimizing ink volume and residual waste.

  • Modular Design

    Provides press customization according to specific needs.

We developed Optima concept ready for Expanded Gamut, Enviromental (WB) Printing as well as UV LED.

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1st of 4 customer benefits

Improve your change-over time and waste

The number one challenge for printers is short-runs. Therefore we designed Optima for easy changeovers. Optima is equipped with Smart Platforms, web is easily accessible at any point and mainly Optima is equipped with several automated features that minimize time and waste during change-overs.

Optima schema

Register & Impression setting

ARUN represents an unique off line solution which combines advantages of a plate mounter with fully automated device for plate topography & register measurement. The fully automated system in Optima flexographic printing press sets all active printing decks into impression and register in couple of minutes with zero ink and material waste.


FALCON II is less automated solution for register and impression setting compared to ARUN (available on bigger presses). Impression is set by means of kiss print detection between printing plate and substrate. Registers are set by using drag & drop system on web-viewer camera. The total produced waste is below 100 meters (328.1 ft) and takes few minutes for set up.

Both systems, ARUN and FALCON II, do not use any printed marks except standard microdot for plate mounting. Therefore no additional waste by means of side strips is produced.

Ink setting

  • Ink Storm efficient wash up system
  • 0,6l (0.16 gal) residual ink in the system
  • Time & solvent & air consumption is optimized and monitored

Substrate setting

  • Easy access to web
  • Minimum height of press

Colour setting

  • Colour matching system helps to reach brand-owner specification

Job management

  • Job protocol contains all job related data

2ND of 4 customer benefits

Be sure you print with the best quality

Thinking about print quality, we had to place into right balance the following physical properties – mass (the more the better), rigidity (design which stands strong) and dumping properties (the right materials). The result of this effort is perfect dynamics of printing unit therore perfect print quality.

Optima schema

Single block frame

Printing unit frames are key press parts developed and designed with great emphases on optimal dynamics, rigidity and damping. Printing unit frame consists of two cast-iron single-block side frames with inserted drum mounting where the complete side of the print module is cast, annealed, machined, painted and assembled as a whole. This concept is unique in wide-web flexographic printing presses, in combination with in-house production and quality control guarantees the maximum accuracy needed for high quality printing.

Bounce Control

This system combines elements within the printing process with brand new engineering and enhanced technical features. These include choice of single block cast iron print unit frames, a  sophisticated printing deck design and optional composite mandrels.

3rd of 4 customer benefits

Gain flexibility via future upgrades

We believe that printed package is not enough in the current world of packaging. Packaging needs more than just a good look. Therefore we developed a flexo press that is ready for implementation of in-line technologies that would bring additional added value to flexible packaging. Optima’s modular design provides a maximum level of press customization to specific needs any time during press life time, not only during first order phase. It allows a flexible feedback to the current market demands and to implement in-line lamination, slitting, perforation, or upstream/downstream units with minimal additional costs. These units bring an additional added value to the flexible packaging, for example over printing varnish or a special coating.

Optima schema

Different winder options

single shafteless unit

non-stop flying splice shaftless unit

non-stop flying splice shafted unit

side oriented non-stop flying splice unit with reel handling

4th of 4 customer benefits

Save money on running costs

When designing Optima we put great emphasis on saving running costs and operator friendliness. Optima cotains many smart features, which at the end boost overal efficiency. Unique Cartridge is an example of such approach.

Optima schema

Ink Cartridge

The system offers printers a means of reducing ink costs on printing jobs where expensive spot colours, special effect and metallic formulations are required. These high pigment inks are expensive consumables and reducing ink volumes and residual waste permits printers to maintain profit margins while meeting end user price demands. The system is unique to SOMA and a first in CI press development and design SOMA.

Doctor blade chamber

  • POSITEC non-stick nano technology surface
  • On-board blade & sealing exchange
  • Optimal ink pressure

Intuitive touch screens

  • Operation manual and video guide in touch screen pannels
  • Intuitive enviroment
  • Control pannels on movable wall

Web-based monitoring (I 4.0)

  • Online energy monitoring
  • Online efficiency monitoring

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Start-up press, small press in terms of width and repeat, easy to operate

Is designed for MID WEB segment such as wrap around labels, shrink sleeves, sachets, various pouches, other food packaging, paper cups, paper sacks and wrappings…

printing decks
print width 620/880/1050 mm
speed 350 m/min
repeat length 240/260/330-650 mm
roll diameter 800/1000/1300/1500 mm
inks Solvent/Water-based, UV/UV-LED cured

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