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Optima2 10C/8CL

The top of the range press for 10 colour print or larger formats, high speed, full automation

  • 10 (8) printing decks
  • 1050/1270/1450/1650 mm print width
  • 330/360/400/440-850
    (370/400/440/480-1300) mm
  • 400/500/600 m/min speed

Processed materials: LD PE, HD PE/PP, CPP, BOPP, PET, OPA, paper, laminate and more

Optima2 10C/8CL’s unique selling points

  • IRIS

    Sets register and impression producing almost zero meters setup waste.

  • Advanced Bounce Control

    Reaches top speeds with absolute print stability.

  • Changeover Wizard

    Helps to ensure quick and easy changeovers between jobs.

  • IPU - Intelligent Printing Unit

    Sustainable and efficient downstream units

  • Service S-Chat

    A very convenient chat-type of communication.

We developed Optima concept ready for Expanded Gamut, Enviromental (WB) Printing as well as UV LED.

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Improve your changeover time and waste

The number one challenge for printers is short-runs. Therefore we designed Optima for easy changeovers. Optima is equipped with Smart Platforms, web is easily accessible at any point and mainly Optima is equipped with several automated features that minimize time and waste during changeovers.

Optima2 schema

Register & Impression setting

IRIS - the fully automated system in Optima flexographic printing presses sets all active printing decks into impression and register in couple of minutes with almost zero ink and material waste.

Optima may be delivered with SOMA’s automatic plate mounter S‑Mount. The automatic plate mounting process is much faster and more accurate than manual mounting. With it, press downtime due to incorrect plate mounting is minimized. S‑Mount comes with the unique IRIS feature: plate topography and registration measurements, which provides the foundation for automatic registration and impression settings on press.


The Cartridge system

The Cartridge system offers printers a means of reducing ink costs on printing jobs where expensive spot colours, special effect and metallic formulations are required. These high pigment inks are expensive consumables and reducing ink volumes and residual waste permits printers to maintain profi t margins while meeting end user price demands.

Ink setting

  • Ink Storm efficient wash up system
  • 0,6l (0.16 gal) residual ink in the system
  • Time & solvent & air consumption is optimized and monitored

Substrate setting

  • Easy access to web
  • Minimum height of press
  • Motorized web threading system

Colour setting

  • Colour matching system helps to reach brand-owner specification

Smart platforms

  • Ergonometric & safe
  • Fast moving, synchronized with door
  • Attachable sleeve cart

Intelligent recipes

  • One job recipe for all machines connected

Changeover Wizard

  • Automation of changeover process
  • Changeover tutorial

Flying Sleeve

There are sliding doors that give the operator access to the anilox and printing sleeves on any inactive printing deck—while other decks are running.

Anilox Management

Optima2 press collects the information about total run length of the anilox, as well as run length, since the last deep cleaning and stores them in the RFID chip integrated into the anilox. It lets the operator know if it’s time to clean or replace the anilox.

Be sure you print with the best quality

The Optima2 press is the culmination of the latest advances in flexo press technology and design. The presses are fitted with an Advanced Bounce Control System, decks with print and anilox cylinders are designed with emphasis on rigidity, precision and reliability. The press can reliably and consistently hold highlight dots with perfect registration. This is particularly important as it helps to maintain job consistency at high press speeds especially when using HD plates. It can also assure that the press can hold.

Optima2 schema

Advanced Bounce Control

This system combines elements within the printing process with brand new engineering and enhanced technical features. These include choice of single block cast iron print unit frames, a  sophisticated printing deck design and optional composite mandrels.

Job Tuning

Job Tuning – the specially designed drive tuning algorithm, guarantees perfect registration while maintaining a consistent impression while printing. The result for our customers is extraordinary print quality at top speeds.

Gain flexibility via future upgrades

We believe that printed package is not enough in the current world of packaging. Packaging needs more than just a good look. Therefore we developed a flexo press that is ready for implementation of in-line technologies that would bring additional added value to flexible packaging. Optima’s modular design provides a maximum level of press customization to specific needs any time during press life time, not only during first order phase. It allows a flexible feedback to the current market demands and to implement in-line lamination, slitting, perforation, or upstream/downstream units with minimal additional costs. These units bring an additional added value to the flexible packaging, for example over printing varnish or a special coating.

Optima2 schema

Benefit from enhanced ergonometry

Optima 10C (8CL) press was designed not only with the latest press technology, but also based on how to reduce the number of required steps between print jobs by making access to the press as easy as possible for the operator. The press features a hydraulic smart platform, which automatically lifts the operator and sleeves, to allow easy access to the top doctor blade chambers. All operating panels (printing press, web view camera and 100% camera) are located on a movable wall close to the print inspection area. In addition, the operator has easy access to the drying heads, ventilators and cabinets via safety stairways. Built-in cabinets are located close to the point of operation.

Optima2 schema


S-Cloud – the web-based SOMA S-Cloud platform incorporates intelligent functions that boost efficiency, minimize operator errors, and improve communication. By connecting the customer, the SOMA service team and SOMA equipment together on the SOMA S-Cloud, the S-Cloud becomes the focal point of a reliable “communication center” between all parties.

Intelligent Recipe

Each job has its own unique recipe of job information located on the S-Cloud, available to connected SOMA equipment. Sending one unique job recipe to all equipment prevents human errors, and provides the foundation for efficient job changeovers using SOMA Changeover Wizard.

Intelligent Changeover

Guides the press operator through every step during the changeover process, working in combination with job recipes. The built-in intelligence in the flexo press analyzes the differences between the job currently being printed and the job that is next in line. Based on the analysis, the Wizard suggests the optimal sequence of steps to be taken during the job changeover.

Intelligent Supervision

All significant press parameters, measuring efficiency and energy consumption, are monitored on-line. Any S-Cloud connected device can examine what is—or has been—happening on the press. If the Recipes have been used during the job setting, the supervision data is sorted into individual jobs. This data can be used for calculating costs and prices for job reorders.

Doctor blade chamber

  • POSITEC non-stick nano technology surface
  • On-board blade & sealing exchange
  • Optimal ink pressure
  • Carbon composite chambers

Intuitive touch screens

  • Intuitive environment, operation manual and video guide in touch screen panels

CI drum cleaning device

  • Efficient and practical solution

Cantilevered dryer head

  • iDRY intuitive drying setting for optimal energy saving
  • Easy access to CI drum for cleaning

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Optima2 10C/8CL

The top of the range press for 10 colour print or larger formats, high speed, full automation

Is designed for EXTENDED REPEAT such as group packaging, pet food, agriculture sacks, paper cement bags, pre-print cardboard

printing decks 10 (8)
print width 1050/1270/1450/1650 mm
speed 400/500/600 m/min
repeat length 330/360/400/440-850
(370/400/440/480-1300) mm
roll diameter 1000/1300/1500 mm
inks Solvent/Water-based,
UV/UV-LED cured