Expanded Color Gamut Xperience

The event will address expanded color gamut with expert contributions from the industry’s leading users and implementation specialists, technical demonstrations, and endorsements from peers using ECG now.

  • June 13, 2023 Date
  • FXC, Atlanta, GA Location 
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Color Theory & History of ECG, Becky Bunch
Why ECG – Practical Implementation, Marek Skrzynski
The Reality of ECG – Beyond the Myths, Kai Lankinen

Break Out Sessions

Hands-on Proofing and Color Management for ECG, GMG
Color Control, X-Rite
Hands-on Anilox Control, Microdynamics
Screening Technologies for ECG, Hamillroad

Round Table Discussion

Marek Skyrzynski, CSW
Eliana Rodriguez, Redi Color
Carl Brock, Catapult

Live Demos

We will demonstrate not only the exceptional ECG printing, but also the speed and easiness in which jobs are changed — complete job changeovers from plate mounting to press makereadies. We will show visitors how they can master their changeovers with Changeover Wizard, an innovative component of new SOMA Optima2 flexo presses, and a recipient of a prestigious 2022 FTA Technical Innovation Award.

Printed Designs

ECG Bouncing Design

ECG Bouncing Design

  • Challenging „bouncing“ job
  • Printed at top speeds due to Advanced Bounce Control
  • Perfect registration ECG print
ECG UHD Design

ECG UHD Design

  • AI generated ECG graphics
  • Bellissima DMS
  • Ultra High Definition Flexo

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