21 October 2022

SOMA at K2022
Live Videos

October 16 - 26, Düsseldorf, Germany

Day 8 - Intelligent Register & Impression Setting
IRIS technology is an integral part of Intelligent Automation, which dramatically speeds up the changeover process. It took less than 8 minutes to mount one plate, tune all drives and set the register and impression on the press during the Speedy Changeover demo at K2022!

Day 7 - Intelligent Drive Tuning
Drive Tuning is an essential part of Intelligent Automation developed by SOMA. Garrett Taylor and Petr Blasko explain how it works and its benefits to printers.

Day 6 - Wizard Explained
Petr Blasko and Garrett Taylor explain how Changeover Wizard works and performs automatic wash-up.

Day 5 - Team getting ready
This is the SOMA booth getting ready for day five at K2022. We hope for a great day and another deal to be signed.

Day 4 - 2nd design and Intelligent Automation
We thank all partners for their support in creating this marvelous and challenging design, which we mounted and set on the press in R&I live during our demos at K2022: Reproflex 3, Miraclon, XSYS, Lohmann, Sandon and Sun Chemical.

Day 3 - Intelligent Plate Mounting and IRIS system
Intelligent plate mounting combined with IRIS system is part of our K 2022 demo. Garrett Taylor and Petr Blasko are mounting the plate live, discussing the main benefits of this technology.

Day 2 - 1st design
Moreno Melegatti comments on the first (out of 2) design we print during change-over demos at K2022. We thank all partners for great support: Inci-Flex, MacDermid, Sun Chemical, Sandon, Rossini and 3M.

Day 1 - Wizard demo
The Changeover Wizard suggests the ideal sequence of steps in the job changeover process. This is just one of them. Visit our demo at K 2022 to learn more.

Day 0 - We are ready!
Final countdown! We are ready for K 2022. Hall 4, Stand B21.

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