06 February 2024

SOMA partners with
Flexibles d.o.o.

Flexibles d.o.o. has been engaged to represent SOMA in Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

The company will provide both sales and service support for SOMA customers. Founded in 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia, Flexibles d.o.o. advises companies and offers sales and service in the production, printing and finishing of flexible packaging and labels. These include printing, varnishing, lamination, slitting, and numerous other processes. To assure the greatest production efficiency, Flexibles d.o.o. provides consulting services for optimizing the production process for the best results.

Milan Zivic, founder of Flexibles d.o.o., has more than thirty years’ experience in the graphic arts industry, including years of work with flexo presses and other hardware equipment. “We decided to cooperate with renowned manufacturers that produce equipment with high levels of automation and exceptional reliability,” comments Zivic. “It’s why we are proud to represent SOMA.”

“Because Flexibles d.o.o. is a professional team dedicated to quality and exceptional equipment, it is a reliable partner to many companies involved in flexible packaging and labels. The expertise and experience of their team allows them to provide high-quality services to their customers. As a company, SOMA approaches our customers in the same way,” remarks Matteo Melegatti, SOMA Area Sales Manager. “The Flexibles d.o.o. team of experts will help printers identify the most effective SOMA solution for their needs and adapt it to the specifics of their production.”

Flexibles d.o.o. and Mr. Zivic can be reached at www.flexibles.rs, milan@flexibles.rs, or by telephone at +381 69 1198624.

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