Expanded Manufacturing Facilities

State-of-the-art production halls to assure increased capacity and the production of state-of-the-art flexo equipment.

SOMA announces that it successfully opened two new manufacturing facilities in June that are fully operational. These are located at the company’s headquarters in Lanskroun, Czech Republic.

As demand for SOMA flexo presses and other equipment increased, the company put into action the development of manufacturing capabilities and capacity that would assure the most efficient production workflow for the assembly of its products. Also important was a comfortable, yet suitable, site for effective SOMA customer equipment facility acceptance tests.

Two of three new manufacturing assembly halls, almost 6000 square meters (nearly 65,000 square feet) in size, have been completely built and are actively involved in the manufacture of SOMA equipment. The third hall is currently i in the process of planning with the goal of construction start as early as in the next year. In the long term, based on SOMA business growth projections, expectations are that as many as six production halls could be ultimately built on the same site.

The modern facilities contain state-of-the-art monitoring and climate-control features to protect SOMA employees and visitors, as well as the equipment that is manufactured. This includes, among others, dust reduction and temperature controls.

“SOMA has been very diligent in not only developing innovative flexo presses and equipment, but also advanced production facilities that support the most efficient and productive manufacturing processes. We intend to assure that every SOMA product that leaves our facilities is built to the highest standards,” comments Pavla Kusa, Commercial Director. “We are proud of our achievements—as well as those of our customers. Perhaps, as a fitting tribute, one of the first activities in the new production halls was a gala event celebrating the company’s thirty-year anniversary. We hope to have many more reasons in the future to celebrate milestones in these buildings.”

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