29 July 2021, Lanskroun

SOMA launches IRIS

The Intelligent Register and Impression Setting plate mounting technology automatically helps to prepare fast makereadies.

SOMA announces the launch of the SOMA IRIS (Intelligent Register and Impression Setting) system. The IRIS is a next-generation system of the previously offered technology named ARUN, launched at drupa 2016, offering offline registration and impression settings. As part of the SOMA S-Mount automatic mounter and the Optima CI flexo machine, it is the next step in SOMA’s development of Intelligent Automation features, providing greater automation, resulting in fewer human errors along with minimum waste and faster setup. This is particularly important in facilities that produce a significant number of short-run jobs.

IRIS is a print setting system that accompanies the SOMA S-Mount automatic plate mounter and the Optima second-generation CI flexo press, launched in 2020, helping to deliver an almost-zero makeready waste system. It is offered as an option on all S-Mount systems, from manual to automatic to fully automatic, as well as the complete portfolio of SOMA presses. During the process of mounting a flexo plate on the S-Mount, essential data for register and topography/impression settings are stored in RFID chips in a slightly modified sleeve. When the sleeve is inserted into the SOMA Optima press, this data is read and prepared for fully automatic settings, assuring very quick - and accurate - settings with no operator interaction and almost zero meters’ waste. There is no longer a manual burden on the press operator to tell the press where to set register and impression. It is done automatically.

SOMA is preparing other upcoming 'Intelligent Automation' flexographic process features, starting with its own cloud-based network, the SOMA Cloud (S-Cloud). This information system will share an impressive amount of data between mounting, printing - and slitters and laminators - allowing further levels of automation during the job changeover process.

“The IRIS system, as part of our SOMA technology, plays an important part in current and future plans for Intelligent Automation. As with our new mounters and presses, the IRIS contributes an increased level of automation and an easier life for operators,” explains Pavla Kusa, SOMA Commercial Director. “We are excited about all the plans we are implementing to make flexo printing a much more Industry 4.0 process.”

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