25 August 2022

New service partner in North America

SOMA partners with H2 Flexo Services to provide parts warehousing and customer support in the U.S. and Canada.

SOMA has announced that it is employing the assistance of H2 Flexo Services (https://glcylinders.com/h2-flexo-services) as its U.S. parts warehouse and back-up customer support center. H2 Flexo will handle some of the administrative duties for SOMA in North America, including shipments within the US, managing its parts warehouse for printing presses, and after-hours support.

New Hudson, Michigan-based H2 Flexo Services was established in 2017 as an outgrowth of Great Lakes Cylinders, a mainstay for plate cylinders, air mandrels, and sleeve tooling. H2 Flexo Services is a service-oriented company that assists companies with parts storage/distribution, customer service and shipping management in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. They benefit from more than 35 years of extensive printing and converting industry knowledge and experience.

“I’ve always valued the trust, support, and friendship that is built when you work with someone on projects and day-to-day activities. It is this ability to provide strong customer service, problem-solve, and make sure ‘things get done’, while having fun and building relationships, that H2 Flexo Services was born,” remarks Karen Mattson, H2 Flexo Services President. “H2 Flexo successfully provides ‘real time’ response to the North American market during off hours for European companies. We are proud to work with SOMA.”

“SOMA has always considered customer service an extremely important facet of its business success and relationships with our customers,” explains Garrett Taylor, US and Canada Sales Director. “Our installed base is building very nicely, and we have determined that the resources of H2 Flexo Services will help to provide overnight service for delivery of any essential parts. H2 Flexo Services will be of tremendous assistance to SOMA in North America, also handling some of the administrative duties for our team that oversees shipments within the U.S., manages our parts warehouse, and provides support communications after hours in Europe. This new service level is in tandem with the addition of opening the Flexo Xperience Center (FXC) in Atlanta, GA and the continuing process of building our support staff.”

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