06 December 2017

Why Optima2? Opinion of our customers

Not just promising expectation, now reality.

Launched in 2013, the Optima 820 mm wide flexographic printing press from SOMA has proved to be an unparalleled success with the company having sold in excess of more than 40 machines to customers on a world-wide basis. On the shirt tails of this success comes the new Optima2 press for 1050 and 1270 mm widths that will be launched at DRUPA 2016. The new press seems set to be just as successful as its predecessor following in-house demonstrations to selected companies with five orders already in the pipeline for SOMA customers in Bulgaria, South Korea, Sweden, Ecuador and Portugal. Not just promising expectation, now reality. Here are the opinions of our customers, why they chose Optima2.

We are pleased to introduce you the Bulgarian company Extrapack – the SOMA's long-time, satisfied customer. They have the Premia S machine and they can't afford. The owners are highly technically educated gentlemen, so SOMA is very pleased with their re-decision to buy another machine from the Czech company. The customer prints mostly promotional bags of all sizes on diverse materials and is pleased to make the Christmas season with the new machine. Extrapack is a major tile manufacturer in the European market. More than 90% of the production is exported to Western and Northern European countries.

The owners of the company commented their decision to buy another machine from SOMA: 'We chose to invest in SOMA Optima2 because we are satisfied with the stable operation and performance of our other two machines from SOMA and because we need solution for many short-run printing tasks. We get attracted also by modularity of the machine through which we can easily expand capabilities at any time. The ergonomics and compactness of Optima2 are sure factor that operators who will work with the machine will like it.'

Let us introduce to you another satisfied company, this time from South Korea, Woo Sung Pack was founded in the year 1978 to print flexible packaging with a rotogravure printing machine. Based on the experience of Mr. Hong and his friends, the company reached in recent years a yearly turnover of 15 million Euro with a team of 80 employees, working in 1 shift. The main areas are confectionery packaging, e.g. for Haitai, the biggest confectionery company in Korea as well as thermal protection packaging for ice cream and cold beverages. Woo Sung Pack is offering to their customers a patented solution for this application. The customer invested in flexo to cover short runs as well as for environmental reasons. Most of his products use extrusion lamination and CHESPA supplies a high performance flexo ink for this process.

'Since the global market is changing with higher technology, the brand owners are more focusing on consumer report which were mentioned such as high quality, more marketing effect, and further production limit. Asian and Korean markets are in same phase of above situation. I have seen many printing presses with my career in printing industry business more than 20 years. I decided to work with SOMA because of its quality, eco-friendly management, production efficiency, people, and their technology development steps from the samples, visits, conferences, etc. Most importantly, I am really impressed about the total solutions that SOMA brings to our company who just starts the flexo business. I have learned a lot and understood the differences with advantages and disadvantages. I saw more hope and reality in the advantages. I believe the market will be open to flexo technology very soon. I would like to step forward first to influence the market and printing industry in Korea. Thanks for the support and cooperation with us,' said the owner of the Korean company.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you another flexo printing company, a dynamic comoany from Sweden - Flexoprint AB. The main production of FLEXOPRINT AB is focused on the printing of gift paper. The Swedish company has a goal to reach continuous improvement of printing process and its sustainability.

'For over 50 years Flexoprint has lived under the motto “nothing is impossible”. We have carefully been following the development of the flexographic printing presses and felt it was time to make an investment on a new press. We analysed all leading manufacturers and the choice fell on Optima2. The Optima2 met our criteria and SOMA was helpful in the pre-sale stage as well in implementation of the press. After having the Optima2 up and running, we are confident that we made the right choice and the press met our expectations with excellence. We are looking forward to supply our customers the best quality the market can offer for the next 50 year as well,' stated the owner of the successful Swedish company.

The one of the biggest banana producer in Ecuador who produces his own packaging and banana labels also shared his opinion why he chose Optima2 machine: 'When I visited Drupa 2012, I met SOMA and I liked its structural aesthetics, clarity, cordiality and quality of its printing. For this reason Palmaplast invested in a flexo OPTIMA2 because SOMA is quality.'

SOMA would like to thank to all customers for their opinion. It helps us to move forward constantly and face new challenges, then we can help our customers expand their production and achieve their dreams.

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