ULTRA Technology

Ultra Technology is a new VOCs free environmental solution available with all Optima models, designed especially for short runs. The special features package includes the following.

  • Innovative UV LED drying system
  • Unique Cartridge ink saving system
  • Ink thermal stabilization
  • Low friction sealings
  • Ink connection swap system
  • Slitting Unit - up to 5 slit rolls
  • Turning bars system / In-Register Reprint
  • EGP ready
  • Hybrid WB drying tunnel

Do we need to laminate?

NO. UV LED is very suitable for fully recyclable mono materials - due to excellent external print properties (gloss/abrasion, UV coating).

UV printing versus solvent-based

UV printing versus solvent-based

  • Higher short-run efficiency (contact us for ROI)
  • VOC emission-free printing
  • High pigmentation & gloss, high opaque white, less ink volume
  • No wash-up by the end of the shift, the press ready to print in the morning
  • no solvents = no fumes, no incinerator, no solvent recovery, no explosion risk
  • no influence of humidity/temperature no viscosity control needed
  • food safety standards compliance
UV LED printing versus UV Mercury

UV LED printing versus UV Mercury

  • 50 % less energy consumption
  • speeds up to 350 m/min
  • instant ON/OFF
  • minimum heat impact to material and drum
  • the expected lifetime of lamps over 50 000 h (print time)
  • no ozone extraction required, less infrastructure
  • low maintenance, no spare part like reflectors, shutters, bulbs

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Petra Maresova


Petra Maresova, PR Manager